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We guarantee to give you a green, weed free lawn.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the treatments safe for children and pets?
Yes. Just as a precaution we suggest giving the weed-killer time to dry, perhaps 10 or 15 minutes. The lawn can then be used normally. Small children should not be allowed to eat the fertilizer.

I treat my own lawn, why do I need Go Green?
Apart from saving you precious time and energy Go Green provide a service as cheap as D.I.Y. but using products not available at garden centres and applied by lawn care experts.

What makes Go Green the best?
We beat our competitors in the three main areas that matter: PRICE. SERVICE and RESULTS!

My lawn is in terrible condition. What can I do?
Whatever the condition of your lawn good or bad, Go Green guarantees to improve the health, vitality and appearance of your lawn. Call Go Green for a great looking lawn on 01270 560485.

What about my weeds?
The fact is most people equate weeds with a poorly maintained lawn. The fewer weeds a lawn contains the better it looks. This is where Go Green comes to the rescue! Each one of our weed and feed treatments addresses all the weed problems your lawn may contain, from daisies, dandelions and clovers to speedwells and Selfheal.

I already have a gardener!
Great! Many of our customers do. We are not gardeners. We specialise in lawn care. If anything, we will complement the work already done by your gardener.

When will I see the results?
Within three weeks your lawn will look greener and healthier than ever before. During this time your weeds will begin to wither and die, guaranteed!

When do I pay for the treatments?
We operate a pay as you go policy. After each treatment you will receive an invoice detailing what has been done on your lawn. You can either pay the team member on the day or send payment within a few days in the self-addressed envelope provided. It’s that simple!

How will I know when you are calling?
On each invoice you receive your NEXT treatment date is printed at the bottom. So you will always know three months in advance when we will call.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiries@gogreenlawncare.co.uk