Yearly Schedule

Treatment 1 March-May

By spreading our mini granular fertiliser on your entire lawn area we set the foundation for a healthy green lawn. The lawn is also sprayed with a selective weed-killer, the first step in tackling your weed problems.

Treatment 2 May-July

The correct analysis of granular fertiliser is used to give the optimum results. Your weeds are again treated with particular attention given to the persistent species.

Treatment 3 July-September

A mini granular fertiliser is applied once again. Difficult and persistent weeds are individually treated.

Treatment 4 September-February

The final treatment of the year will provide rapid green-up but will also control any moss present in the lawn. This treatment will enable your lawn to thrive and remain green all year round.

Lawn health

Just one treatment every quarter gives your lawn everything it needs to Go Green.

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